Sidney Lanier High School

Law & Public Safety Academy


Greetings Students and Parents:

 Now more than ever with the state of the economy there is a need for students to acquire law and public safety knowledge.  The combined pressures of a shrinking workforce, an aging population, and an increased demand for services translate into an abundance of career opportunities for well-trained law and public safety personnel.

 Sidney Lanier High School can give students the edge they need to take advantage of these opportunities.  This is a new program supported by the Montgomery County Board of Education and Career Technical Department to prepare students for the rigor and the skills necessary to work in the law and public safety field.

 The Academy is a three-year program that consists of a comprehensive series of courses designed for high school students with an interest in pursuing law and public safety related careers after graduation.  The students will be coupled in groups with one set of teachers (typically about 30-60 students in each grade level).  The curriculum will be centered on the law and public safety professional theme.

 Benefits of being a part of the Academy: 

  • 1. Provide leadership development and scholarship opportunities.
  • 2. Make career decisions suited to individual needs, aptitudes, abilities and career objectives.
  • 3. Develop a pre-professional or pre-technical foundation that supports successful pursuit of advanced education and/or entry-level employment in a law & public safety career.
  • 4. Provide students with rigorous academic courses in math, science, language, social studies, and specialized law & public safety courses, as well as concentrate on the elements of the core subject area.
  • 5. Establish and develop healthy life style behaviors which include:


  • 1. Communications skills
  • 2. Teamwork
  • 3. Professional behavior & ethics
  • 4. Analysis and problem solving
  • 5. Physical Fitness 

These career-based programs give students valuable experiences in a variety of career settings.  Students are also provided hands on experiences within those areas and other core subjects.  This will provide real-world knowledge of materials and technology used in this industry. 

By joining the Law & Public Safety Academy, you will have the following privileges: 

  • Professional mentors
  • Field trips to local businesses, universities, career related conferences
  • Community service projects
  • Guest speakers from the law & public safety industry
  • The chance to know and work with peers who are also pursuing a career in the law & public safety field
  • Career & Academic counseling
  • Articulated course credit from Trenholm State Technical College
  • Internship Programs
  • Skills USA Membership 

Career opportunities in the world of law & public safety are broad and provide great job security.  Perhaps you may be interested in some of these careers: 

  • Police Officer
  • Security Guard
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Paramedic
  • Fire Fighter
  • Paralegal
  • Attorney
  • Judge
  • Life Flight (Medi-vac Helicopter)
  • Correctional Officer

 If you are interested in applying for the Law & Public Safety Academy, please pick up an application in the guidance office.

 Did You Know - Benefits provided by job opportunities in the career field of Law and Public Safety include but not limited to:

Competitive Salary                 Retirement Program              Life Insurance

Health Insurance                     Paid Holidays                          Retirement Incentive Programs

Paid Annual Leave                  Paid Sick Leave                       Uniforms & Equipment Provided

Take Home Car                       Shift Differential Pay              College Incentive Plan


Sidney Lanier High School

 Law/Public Safety Career Academy

Strategic Goals 

  • The Law/Public Safety Career Academy will foster better relations with the education community and the public and while projecting a positive image of all public safety agencies and the Justice System.  
  • The Law/Public Safety Career Academy will produce career-oriented graduates prepared for life-long learning.  
  • The Law/Public Safety Career Academy will create a qualified workforce through new ideas and innovation approaches to education and training.
  • The Law/Public Safety Career Academy will positively affect student's achievement and reduce the high school dropout rate. 
  • The Law/Public Safety Career Academy will welcome students of diverse background and ensure that all students are taught to high academic and technical standards in order to meet their full potential and become productive citizens. 
  • The Law/Public Safety Career Academy will ensure that students have multiple opportunities upon high school graduation that include going directly into the workforce and attending two-and four-year institutions of  higher learning.